fishing charters

Picking the right charter is NOT hard if you do your homework. As they say, first impressions can make all the difference in the world. Here are a few points to consider when choosing your captain and crew.

* Is your Captain a Full time fisherman?
    Most Captains are part time fisherman who hold regular jobs and fish on the weekends or days off, and Some of which are great fishermen but can lack the instinct that comes from being on the water all day every day. Then there are those that put their heart and soul into it, like Capt, Jeff and Firstmate Sam, who do not care about the payday at the end of the trip but care about how many fish are netted and how happy you as a customer are in the end. Like every other profession out there, you have a better chance of being satisfied if you pick the right person for the job.

* Is the fishing better in the morning?
    Actually NO, it is not any better in the AM than it is in the PM. As I tell all of my potential customers, the fishing early in the morning is usually FAST paced and tapers off as the sun gets higher in the sky, and Afternoon trips usually start off a little slow but fishing picks up as the sun goes down. So pick the time that best suits your schedule and that's the BEST time to fish.

* How long is your trip?
     Each Captain has a different way of telling time. Some start your charter the minute you arrive at the boat, while others start your charter when the boat leaves the dock. SAM-I-AM II gives you the designated time of your charter fishing, NOT dock to dock, if you pay for 5 hours of fishing that is what you will get. The prep before and cleaning of the fish after are not part of your fishing time. 5 FULL HOURS OF FISHING !!!

* Can I drink alcohol on the charter?
       Alcohol is Legal for you as a customer to enjoy but PLEASE NO GLASS bottles. (must be 21 years old, Wisc. state law) U.S.C.G licensed Captains and Firstmates are held to a ZERO tolerance policy by the U.S.C.G regulations while on a trip, So PLEASE do not ask the Capt. or Firstmate to enjoy an alcoholic beverage until after the trip is over and the boat is safely back at the dock. 

* Should I use suntan lotion?
       By all means please do, but please do NOT while on the boat, If sunscreen gets on the rods or baits it can act as a repellent to the fish. So if you are going to use it, please do it before you get to the marina and wash your hands well.

* What if there is bad weather?
       We do fish in the rain, in fact, the fishing is usually quite good while it is raining, However if there is lightning or high winds your trip will have to be postponed or rescheduled. In the case your trip cannot be rescheduled your deposit will be refunded.

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